Peaks & Valleys

As I look out at the mountain peaks and the valley, I am reminded of each day of life. We are often traversing back and forth, up and down the peaks and valleys of life. Switching back, going up, coming down, all the in-between, the moments where life exists.

I observe the trees blowing in the wind. The sun illuminating the shimmering lakes below. The way the mountain tops kiss the sky, and how the dry desert landscape creates a canvas for footsteps of memories laid out on the paths.

They say there are many paths yet all lead to the top. While that is true, and yes at the top you get a bigger picture, a grander view of perception, you don’t get to see the details, the footsteps left behind of those who came before you, the loose gravel where many have climbed hoping to leave their stress, their worries, fears, anxieties behind.

The energies of faith, hope, trust, determination, and perseverance all cascading down as you continue to take each step to the top.

When you arrive, you take a breath, exhale. You see. Maybe for the first time in a while. The peak offers perspective. A new outlook. A different way.

You realize that the Valley is where the work is done to appreciate the higher view. It is not as busy as you usually feel. It is softer. Slower. Calm.

The beauty of being human is the gift to experience it all. To come down off the mountain to do the work, and to return to the top to remember how vast, how simple, and how magnificent this journey of life can be, if we allow it.

Here’s to the profound peace that is found at the top of the mountain, celebrating the success of emerging out of the valley, and also to the remembrance to take that peace with you as you make your way back down into the valley to do the work.

All my love,


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