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Embark on an electrifying 8-week odyssey of self-discovery and empowerment in this new group mentoring program! I am all about the soft and gentle, AND sometimes we need more fire and power – Well, this is it! This is a no-BS, no sugar-coated, let’s do this mentoring program. Don’t worry. I will still be compassionate as each week ignites a fire within, propelling you towards profound personal transformation. Through a dynamic fusion of embodiment practices, energy medicine techniques, and mindset mastery, we will pave a path to unparalleled liberation. From dismantling limiting beliefs to harnessing intuitive prowess, every session pulsates with bold energy and unwavering determination under my guidance. This journey promises not just growth, but a triumphant reclaiming of power, truth, and the unwavering pursuit of authentic freedom. Join me, as we rise together, resolute in our mission to live out our purpose and embody a life of unapologetic greatness! You were created in goodness and designed for greatness! It’s time to claim it and live it!

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Tuesdays, May 21st-July 9th, 6pm-8pm MST via Zoom
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