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Are you ready and willing to heal the patterns of your mind and nervous system that no longer serve you and step forward to embody freedom?

Does your traumatic past hold you back from enjoying your life and connecting in healthy relationships?

Do you struggle with feeling safe in your body and life, yet know that it is only within you that you can fully heal and thrive?

Are you a holistic practitioner who is burned out due to compassion fatigue and seeking an ignition of passion into your business and life?

Do you know that you are settling for a “good enough” life and inside yearn for something greater and more fulfilling?

Have you seen many therapists, other medical or holistic providers over the years and not see the results you are seeking?

Are you open to the possibilities that life has so much goodness to offer you and need support in embracing your full potential?

Do you enjoy the mystical things in life and seek deeper connection and understanding of the world within you and how that manifests into the world around you?

If you answered yes to any of these, I think we will enjoy working together to help you create an authentically free life!!

For over 13 years I have helped thousands of people from many different backgrounds and professions from around the globe remember their wholeness and embody their holiness. I have helped women of all ages overcome traumatic pasts and create a life they love to live each and every day! I’ve journeyed with many along a path of recovery and watched as they walked into a new life by design and boldly embraced the greatness within them! It is my passion and purpose to help women become authentically free! This is courageous work and you are worth it!

I work with clients in-person or via Zoom. I use a trauma-informed lens in all my work, integrating body-centered approaches rooted in teachings of compassion and grace, and aligned with a PolyVagal approach to understanding trauma. 

I believe in educating you as much as facilitating to help you process your unresolved past to propel you forward into living an authentically free life! It is my belief that with understanding comes awareness, with awareness comes choice, with choice comes change. 

Each session is uniquely designed to meet you where you are, process what is holding you back, and equip you with the tools to take you to where you want to be. While I cannot do it for you, I will walk it with you each and every step. 

Sessions will draw from the following holistic therapies. All sessions are trauma-informed. 

  • Yoga Therapy

  • Breath Therapy

  • Parts Work

  • Intuitive Development & Mediumship

  • Spiritual Direction & Coaching

  • Energy Medicine & Management 

  • Meditation & Mindfulness

If you're ready and willing to make some breakthroughs and change not only the trajectory of your life, but also of your legacy, let's talk.

30 minute session: $199
60 minute session:  $329
90 minute session by special request only 

5, 60 min sessions: $1475, savings of $170 (Expire 3 months from date of purchase.)
10, 60 min sessions: $2950, savings of $340 (Expire 6 months from date of purchase.)

**Trauma Recovery sessions must be done in a committed 6 month or one year program that I will work with you to create to best support your healing journey. It is not safe, nor advisable to do one trauma recovery session. I will only work with individuals who are ready and willing to make the necessary commitment for this work. Please book a discovery call to inquire.

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