Kate Shipp
Authentic Life Strategist

Kate Shipp is a trailblazing authentic life strategist with over 13 years of unwavering commitment to empowering women on their transformative journeys. As a modern-day mystic and wayshower, Kate passionately guides women to remember their wholeness and embody their holiness. She teaches women how to dismantle traumas, shatter limiting beliefs, and navigate the complexities of breaking free from a "good enough" life, inspiring them to step into their true potential and embrace their multifaceted brilliance.

Kate's methodology is grounded in faith-based practices, offering a spiritual foundation that brings safety, solace, and strength to each woman she encounters. Kate seamlessly blends yoga therapy, breath therapy, mysticism, and energy medicine to guide individuals through life's challenges. Nature becomes a companion in the journey, fostering a profound connection to the world and igniting a passion for growth. Setting and achieving goals across various life domains become catalysts for transformation, as women align with their deepest aspirations and pursue authentic freedom.

Guided by intuition and spiritual direction, Kate equips women to own their power, use their voice boldly and compassionately, and tap into their innate wisdom. Through energy management techniques and the ancient wisdom of yoga, she cultivates harmony within, supporting holistic well-being. Authentic freedom isn’t just an end goal for Kate; it’s a dynamic process of self-liberation, where women break free from past traumas and societal norms to embody their true selves. Kate Shipp isn’t just a guide; she’s a powerhouse catalyst for change, lighting the path for women to live authentically free.

Kate’s greatest joys lie in her role as a mother of two and the loving partnership she shares with her husband of over 20 years. Grounded in faith and fueled by a reverence for the magic found in everyday moments, Kate continues to inspire and uplift those she encounters on their journey towards healing and authentic freedom.

Kate Shipp is a Certified Yoga Therapist accredited by the International Association of Yoga Therapists. Kate holds an ERYT500 designation and serves as a continuing education provider with both IAYT and Yoga Alliance. Kate is also a Certified Breath Therapist with Integral Breath Therapy and a Reiki Master of two lineages. Kate has taken additional education courses on trauma-informed care with the HeartMath Institute, Embody Lab, as well as other trainings with lead educators in the neuroscience of trauma, PolyVagal Theory, parts work, somatics, and Christ-centered leadership. Kate also holds a B.S. in Marketing from Arizona State University.

Kate sees clients privately, teaches workshops, leads trainings, and offers mentoring, guiding individuals towards profound self-discovery and empowerment. Her impact transcends borders, as she hosts international retreats that nourish the soul and ignite personal growth. In 2022, Kate opened a trauma-informed, integrative wellness center, Live Well Training Center in Glendale, AZ, where she and 7 other providers support others in their journeys to thrive.

As an International Best-Selling author of “I Am Strong Enough Now God, Thanks: My Journey from Trauma to Truth,” Kate embodies resilience and authenticity, inspiring others to embrace their own journeys with courage and grace. She is the visionary founder of The Shipp MethodTM, a Christ-Centered holistic approach to wellness and transformation. Kate’s work in holistic trauma recovery is featured prominently in the award winning documentary “The Box: Out of the Impossible,” a journey of recovery from trauma and abuse.