The Field Of Light

I sit in this field waiting for you. The smell of an early Spring blossoming in the air.

The mist of the morning dissipating in the glistening sun. Trickles of rainbows bouncing off the morning dew.

The stillness of the trees remind me of your peacefulness. The sweet bird songs filling the air with pleasant melodies.

I could sit here waiting forever. Wondering. Imagining what it would be like.

My heart opening to the vastness of emotion and possibilities. My body remembering the sensations and energy traveling through with each breath.

Passion and desire rippling through me as I drop into a deeper layer of awareness.

Vibrant colors swirl in front of me as the winds blow ever so gently through the fresh green leaves.

Finally you arrive. I see you. I feel you. I know you. What feels like an eternity of moments culminating in a brief connection of bliss. I’ve missed you deeply.

Often wondering where you are, why you left, if I would ever see or feel you again.

You speak to me and your words melt the aching sadness inside. A glowing warmth travels through me as a reflection of your grace illuminates in my eyes.

We rest together; talking, sharing, laughing. Allowing the presence of nature to fill the spaces of silence. Often words are not needed.

Time moves quickly and I find myself grasping for more. I could stay like this for an eternity; here with you.

You tell me you have to go but that you will return soon. I smile knowing now that this unity will always be inside me. It never left; I simply forgot how to see.

You have given me the gift of remembering my light. I will treasure it always and return to it often.

I open my eyes and here I am, resting in this field of light, breathing in life-giving air. I remember. I see. I feel. I am.

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