Dancing With Grace

By your hands that touched my face, I was saved in the crevice of despair.

You knelt down beside me with unwavering strength to deliver me from the ashes of my youth.

The breaking of the chains shook me to the bone, carried in your arms I found my savior and my truth.

The burdens that buried my joy were forever washed away that day.

The torment in my mind started to calm in the waves of your breath.

The pain in my heart, the aching in my lungs, began to breathe through tears of sour, bitter flames melting away the shame and sorrow of far too long held grief restricting my movement in life.

In you, I mourned the loss of years unconscious and afraid.

In you, I forgave the demons that invaded my body.

In you, I seek new life that glorifies the light of truth, the way, the path of many that redeems and restores my soul.

I am reminded of the cross you chose to bear as you laid down your life for me.

In you I live.

In you I breathe.

Through you I am free.

I am dancing in the arms of your grace as I reside in the joy and peace that comes from knowing you.


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