I offer a variety of mentoring programs focused on different intentions and practices. If you are wanting personal mentoring, please fill out a discovery call request form with what you are looking for and my assistant will get back to you soon. 

If you are interested in group mentoring, I offer three programs:

Authentic Freedom: Created in Goodness and Designed for Greatness!

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Embark on an electrifying 8-week odyssey of self-discovery and empowerment in this new group mentoring program! I am all about the soft and gentle, AND sometimes we need more fire and power – Well, this is it! This is a no-BS, no sugar-coated, let’s do this mentoring program. Don’t worry. I will still be compassionate as each week ignites a fire within, propelling you towards profound personal transformation. Through a dynamic fusion of embodiment practices, energy medicine techniques, and mindset mastery, we will pave a path to unparalleled liberation. From dismantling limiting beliefs to harnessing intuitive prowess, every session pulsates with bold energy and unwavering determination under my guidance. This journey promises not just growth, but a triumphant reclaiming of power, truth, and the unwavering pursuit of authentic freedom. Join me, as we rise together, resolute in our mission to live out our purpose and embody a life of unapologetic greatness! You were created in goodness and designed for greatness! It’s time to claim it and live it!

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Tuesdays, May 21st-July 9th, 6pm-8pm MST via Zoom

Your investment: $1111, payment plan is available over 3 months.

Spiritually Embodied Living

Spiritually Embodied Living is a 12-week journey of Self-empowerment focused on embracing your authenticity, honoring your sacred body, and living a spiritually embodied life filled with purpose, joy, and connection.

Spiritually Embodied Living means consciously integrating spiritual beliefs into everyday life, embracing authenticity, and nurturing the mind-body-spirit connection. It involves deepening self-awareness, aligning actions with purpose, and cultivating meaningful relationships while finding joy and gratitude in the present moment. By honoring our sacred bodies, connecting with nature, and embracing our authentic power, we live empowered lives that reflect our spiritual values and foster holistic well-being.

You can learn all about it here! Please join the waitlist for future notifications on the next start date. 

A Sacred Life: The Way of Love

It’s a commitment to elevating your life to the next level of consciousness and self-evolution, as we walk to live in the frequency of Love in Christ in all situations. This will make you question any limiting beliefs, holding patterns, labels of self, and ways the mind tries to self-sabotage life out of residual fear. We will reprogram thoughts, increase emotional intelligence, further work on walking in the Light of Love, and learn how to be in that energy in the most difficult times. You will evaluate 14 areas of your life, creating goals and objectives to help you shift what is not working and empower what is working. This program draws on the teachings of Jesus from a relational and energetic way, and infuses his teachings of compassion and grace in all areas of life. This is a very deep group with the focus on next level depth work in soul development. This is a 6 month commitment with an option to continue on after. 

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