A Sacred Life: The Way of Love

It’s a commitment to elevating your life to the next level of consciousness and self-evolution, as we walk to live in the frequency of Love in Christ in all situations. This will make you question any limiting beliefs, holding patterns, labels of self, and ways the mind tries to self-sabotage life out of residual fear. We will reprogram thoughts, increase emotional intelligence, further work on walking in the Light of Love, and learn how to be in that energy in the most difficult times. You will evaluate 14 areas of your life, creating goals and objectives to help you shift what is not working and empower what is working. This program draws on the teachings of Jesus from a relational and energetic way, and infuses his teachings of compassion and grace in all areas of life. This is a very deep group with the focus on next level depth work in soul development. This is a 6 month commitment with an option to continue on after. 

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