Empathic Tip – Energetic Congruency

Empathic Tip:
Empaths feel the energy behind the words being said more than they hear the actual words.

Energetic congruency: when the energy being expressed matches the words being said.

Tune into your body and feel when you are with someone who you trust and feel safe with. What happens in your body?

Think about someone who you don’t trust. What happens in your body?

The next time you are in a situation and you feel the mistrust sensation, trust your body’s feelings about it. The body does not lie.

The mind will create interpretations of the experience to be consistent with the patterns that have been trained into its neural networks.

Cool part?

By trusting your body, by giving it new experiences that are in alignment with truth, and energetic congruency, you can begin to rewrite the networks in the brain to have a new pattern.

Please don’t doubt the sensations you receive in your body. They are messengers of truth waiting to be heard. They can help guide you to the deeper truths that reside within you.

A thought to ponder…

Could your body be more intuitive than your mind?

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