The 3 Keys of Manifestation, plus a Manifestation Meditation Script

The 3 Keys of Manifestation, plus a Manifestation Meditation Script

Manifestation is heavily discussed topic so why am I sharing this with you? I am sharing this because there are many amazing ways to tune into manifestation and when you find the one that works for you, you realize it may help someone else.

The first key, tune into. Tune into what? Your breath.

If you are not tuned into your breath you are not living in the now. You cannot manifest from yesterday or in tomorrow. You can only manifest in the now. The easiest way to be present is to tune into your breath.

Like tuning a radio, manifestation is an energy that you tune your vibration to match until there is no static. The vibration of manifesting is always available to you and in fact, you manifest all the time without even knowing.

A few possible examples:

  1. You are thinking about a song and then you turn on the radio and there it is.
  2. You are thinking about a friend and then they call or text you.
  3. You are remembering a scene from a movie you love and you turn on the TV and it is on.

We all manifest daily whether we are aware of it or not.

The second key – awareness. In order to manifest you have to be aware of what it is you want to manifest. I mean really aware. Aware to the point where you can smell, taste, touch, feel, see, and know that it is available to you in the NOW. All senses need to be involved.

The third key, get all senses involved. It has to be experienced as a part of you, not something outside of you. You must feel it into being. It is experienced with clarity and precision, so crisp and visceral that it feels as if it is happening right in this very moment.

An example for you:

About a year and a half ago I was not confident in my ability to create a living doing what I love and I started putting the energy out to the Universe that I needed to make more money. I asked, I prayed, I looked. It showed up. I received a few different opportunities to make more money – all of them doing things I did not want to be doing.

Now, some would say that God (Source, Universe, Divine – fill in your preferred higher power) was at work and answered my prayers. I completely agree. My prayers were answered but not in the way I was hoping they would be.

Why is that? It is because I was not aligning my energy with what I really wanted. Deep in my heart I knew I wanted to create a living doing what I love. However, that is not what I asked for in my request. I did take one of the opportunities, and felt my soul crying every single day because I was not doing what I felt in every cell of my being that I was supposed to be doing.

May 2014, I was at a breaking point. I left a great job of 7 years. (The opportunity I accepted was to move into a full-time position with a company I was working with part-time. I lasted 7 months full-time.) Wonderful company, incredible people. That job supplemented my income where I could enjoy my other hobby-job, and still bring home a decent paycheck.

I knew I had a very hard road ahead to get my business where I needed it to be to replace that income.

What did I do?

First, I answered the 4 questions in the 4 Questions to Get Real with What You Want post. Next, I employed these 3 keys through this meditation practice that I will share with you below.

This form of meditation is a Manifestation Meditation practice, where you are not only envisioning the desire but you are feeling it into being. This meditation uses all 3 keys, Tune Into, Awareness, All Senses Involved.

*If you share this script, please give credit to me, Kate Shipp, and this blog post. I thank you in advance.*

  • Find a comfortable seat or lay down. (If you tend to fall asleep in meditation, do this seated, in a chair is fine too.) 
  • Close your eyes. Take 3 big cleansing breaths, in through your nose, out through your mouth. BIG sighs. 
  • Now begin breathing naturally, feeling the gentle expansion of the belly and chest as you inhale and the soft contraction of chest and belly as you exhale. No control or effort on the breath. Tune into to the natural rhythm of your own breath. (This is important. You need to be able to feel your own vital life force moving in your body. Take as much time as you need to establish this connection.) 
  • Become aware of your body. Do a body scan, starting at your feet. Say to yourself silently, I am aware of my toes, my feet, my ankles, my shins, my knees, my thighs, my hips, my pelvis, my abdomen, my chest, my shoulders, my upper arms, my lower arms, my hands, my fingers, my wrists, my elbows, tops of my shoulders, my throat, my face, my ears, top of my head, back of my head, my neck, my shoulder blades, my upper back, my lower back, my buttocks, backs of my thighs, backs of my knees, my calves, my heels, soles of my feet, my whole body. I feel my whole body in awareness. (Enjoy some time in complete awareness of your whole body. Notice all the sensations that come and go. Stay fully present and aware of your whole body.) 
  • Now Intensify your imagination. Imagine you are sitting in a comfortable chair in front of a very large white movie screen. Images begin to appear on this screen and you see your life exactly as you wish it to be. You are watching a movie of the life you desire. See the key people, the places, and the environment. Notice the activities, your job, your friends, and family. Notice your clothing, your surroundings, and your home. Notice what you are doing and whom you are with. Notice where you are and the variety of experiences that move across the screen. 
  • Now Feel yourself in this movie although it is no longer a movie. It is now. It is real. Feel yourself living this life you desire. Soak it all in. Experience the sights as they interact with you in the now. Feel through body sensation the wide variety of emotions as you live your dream right now. Notice the tastes and flavors moving through your mouth. Listen to all the sounds that surround you. Hear the conversations, the sounds of nature, of the environment. Inhale deeply and indulge in the scents. Engage in the environment, touching and feeling until your whole being is enveloped in vibration of your ideal life happening in the now. Allow yourself to bathe in the experience of living the life you desire, creating it and feeling it into being right now. Trust and know it is happening now. Enjoy this experience. 
  • Allow yourself to enter a deeper state of relaxation. Rest in stillness. 
  • Now repeat this intention 3 times. “I am living the life I desire.” 
  • Rest deeply in meditation. Ask for any messages from your angels, guides, loved ones, mentors or teachers you feel connected to. It may show up as images, words, or a felt sense or knowing. Give gratitude for the guidance. 
  • Slowly being to come back. Start deepening your breath. Gently moving your body. Open your eyes. Bring hands to heart center and bow to the light within, giving gratitude.

Finally, I made sure every decision I made was in alignment with my soul’s desire through accessing my intuition. I allowed my heart to be my guide and my head to facilitate the action. (Many blog posts to come about intuition.)

My result? In October 2014, 5 months after leaving that job, I not only replaced that income but I almost doubled it and have tripled my private practice in only 9 months. I proved to myself that with dedicated effort, intentional action, and deep faith and trust that it is possible to make a living doing what I love by honoring the call of my soul.

I believe you can do the same. You have the innate power to manifest anything you desire. A gift not to be taken lightly and used very mindfully. Be careful what you wish for…you just might get it!

If you are not into meditation, which I won’t go into my sales pitch right now on why it is vital, perhaps you will journal instead. If so, in an upcoming post I will share a journal prompt to use that will help in your manifestation practice.

If you are interested in learning more and working with me on Intuitive Coaching, which will help you refine these tools and practices, please contact me.

May you always follow the light that is in your heart.


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