My favorite kind of people

Those that will celebrate with you in the light, and hold your hand in the dark.

Those that care enough to call, and know when you need space.

Those that honor your boundaries, yet realize when you are putting up walls.

Those that aren’t afraid to touch the wounds, and are willing to hold you tight as you heal them.

Those that say it like it is, and are able to handle being called out on their shit.

Those that give space for all emotions without labeling them good or bad, and even better are those that allow themselves and you to feel and express them openly.

Those that show their truths through actions, and not allow words to become the false mirrors of their incongruent life.

Those that create possibility and build up hope while shit-shoveling with you.

Those that walk in both worlds and understand the beauty of being human is just as amazing as being a soul.

Those that can sit in silence for hours at your side and understand everything you aren’t saying.

Those that love without condition or expectation, and will show up for life.

Those that will talk about the real stuff: the raw, honest, scary stuff that keeps you up at night, and the exhilarating, passion-filled moments of a life enjoyed fully.

Those that will beam praise and joy at your successes without masking jealousy or resent, knowing together we are greater in love.

Those that will sit under a full moon and howl as the embers spark into the night sky while laughing at the absurdity of self-created suffering, yet aware that it makes us evolve.

Those that will call you out on your shit and help you create new pathways of being.

Those that exemplify love, real love.

Those that choose to embrace their own darkness and recognize the wholeness of balance in daily life.

Those that will drop everything to be by your side when life drops a bomb, and know that you don’t need to be fixed, or healed. You just need a friend.

Those that will cry with you in times of sadness and in times of joy.

I am blessed to have a few of these kinds of people in my everyday life. Feeling immense gratitude for them.

May you be blessed with a few of these people by your side, ready to rest with you, laugh with you, show up for you, and kick ass for you.
Shine on!

???? Kate

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