Lessons learned during Recovery from PTSD

Lessons learned during Recovery from PTSD

1. Love hard because in the end that’s what you’ll wonder- Did I love enough?

2. Don’t settle. Ever. You deserve all you desire. You are worth it.

3. When you find moments of happiness, take a heart snapshot and seal it into your memory bank. Make many daily deposits.

4. You won’t care what others think. It’s not important. They’ll judge you any way.

5. Your life will probably always be a little different and that’s okay.

6. You have an amazingly heightened intuition and need to use it. Most importantly, you need to trust it. It’s always right.

7. Set strong boundaries and keep them close. Those who truly love you will understand.

8. You need nature every day. Being outside and connecting to nature is extremely important.

9. Speaking of connection, while safety and comfort are essentials for you, connection is key to keeping you out of the dark depths. Connect each day; first to God, then to yourself, then others.

10. God is always with you and guiding you.

11. Faith & Trust are not superfluous ideas of dreamers; they are the foundation in which you can build a beautiful life.

12. Share your heart with the world. Even when it hurts. Even when you are worried about the opinions. (See #4).

13. Vulnerability heals. It soothes the wounds in the heart and creates space for more love.

14. Writing is a secret key to unfolding the true hurts and compassion that live within you. Write often. And then write more.

15. Getting help from trained professionals is not something to feel shame over; it is something that proves your desire to heal and thrive. Get help when needed.

16. Those that love you for you will show up. Send love to those who can’t because they are finally seeing something about themselves reflected from you and it terrifies them.

17. Not everyone will want to hear your journey or support you. That’s okay. It’s not about you.

18. A METTA practice is powerful for healing and forgiving those who did harm.

19. You learn to appreciate the beauty in the smallest of things; an ant bringing food back to its hill, the sweet sounds of birds, the majesty of a sunrise, the taste of fresh coffee. You enjoy these in new ways.

20. Your body is a sacred vessel of pure love only wanting to stay alive and keep you safe. It’s not the enemy but your greatest source of guidance as you connect to the wisdom inside.

21. Jesus loves you always. When I say Jesus, I’m not referring to a religious entity. I’m referring to the energy of Christ Consciousness that bathes the world in golden light of grace and compassion.

22. You learn to love yourself in the most incredible ways. Self-love is a blooming flower that once open provides the nectar of life to share with others to help guide them in their own journey.

23. You matter. You are not alone. Many others are going through this too. You are safe and loved.

24. Yoga helps create new relationships to the body, mind, sensations, and perceptions. It helps you to remember your wholeness.

25. Breathing gives life and calms the mind. When you’re not sure what to do, breathe.

PTSD is not something to feel ashamed about. It is very real and affects many more than only veterans. Some research shows it affects a very large amount of the population as we all experience traumas in some way during life.

I’m not defined by this label. It has brought me to a new life. A new way of being. It has helped me open to my truth, to love, to grace, to God.

I can say I am grateful now for PTSD because it has given me the tools and compassion to help lead others to the light that lives within their heart. It gave me an unshakable faith and trust that no one can take away.

I pray that those suffering will find their light. I’m here to help and serve in any way I can.

Peace & Love to you,
Kate ?

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