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Resilience Support Group

The Shipp Method™ Resilience Support Group

This group is for those ready to embrace empowerment, and experience the freedom it brings into daily life. 
The offerings each week will pull from various holistic therapies including: yoga therapy, breath therapy, energy medicine, and spiritual coaching, all with a Christ-Centered lens. 

Group Mentoring

The Shipp Method™ of Spiritually Embodied Living

6-month experience via ZOOM (open to 10 women). Each month we focus on a single topic allowing for deep discovery, embodiment and integration.

This program will change your life at the level you are willing to do the work. 

This is not a transcendent program in the way of avoidance. 

This is all-in, full-feeling, deep expression, embodied bliss. 

Private Sessions

Kate works with clients privately in-person or via Zoom. She sees clients on a program basis. She does not offer single sessions to new clients. This is to provide comprehensive and safe care.

Kate uses a trauma-informed lens in all her work. She incorporates philosophy and practices of yoga therapy, breath therapy, spiritual coaching, and energy medicine into all of her sessions. All her offerings are Christ-centered, meaning they focus on the foundations of compassion, presence, grace, and love.

She believes in educating clients as much as facilitating to help process past pain; with understanding comes awareness, with awareness comes choice, with choice comes change. Her integrative and somatic approach is rooted in teachings of compassion and aligned with a PolyVagal approach to understanding trauma.

Private session: $249 (60 minutes)

Single sessions can be booked for the following offerings:

  • Spiritual Direction
  • Energy Medicine 
  • Intuitive Coaching
  • Meditation & Mindfulness
  • Mentoring (customized for you)
  • Yoga Therapy
  • Breath Therapy
  • Intuitive Development 

Trauma Recovery sessions must be done in a committed program that Kate will work with you to create to best support your healing journey. It is not safe, nor advisable to do one trauma recovery session. 

All packages are available for all offerings. 

3 Month Program

10 Session Commitment
$ 2,200
  • Weekly 60-minute sessions at the same day/time each week
  • 1, 30-minute SOS call to be used within your 3-month program at your discretion
  • 10% off all other workshops and events that take place within your 3-month program
  • Access to personal email for support M-TH, 9am - 7pm
  • PDFs & recordings to support your integration throughout the week

6 Month Program

20 Session Commitment
$ 4,200
  • Weekly 60-minute sessions at the same day/time each week
  • 2, 30-minute SOS call to be used within your 3-month program at your discretion
  • 15% off all other workshops and events that take place within your 3-month program
  • Access to personal email for support M-TH, 9am - 7pm
  • PDFs & recordings to support your integration throughout the week


Are you a holistic practitioner, life coach, therapist, yoga teacher, yoga therapist, counselor, pastor, teacher, educator, looking to understand trauma and help others on their recovery journey?  Are you curious about the intersections between Jesus’ teachings, Yoga, and the Neuroscience of Trauma?Do you have a passion for helping others conquer their painful pasts and create a life they love?

100 hours of Training

15, three-hour weekly group ZOOM sessions Tuesday nights, (45 hours)
5 Saturday ZOOM sessions, each with a one hour lunch break (40 hours)The final 15 hours will be a 10 session case study with one client with paperwork and reports turned in for review.

A 100-hour certificate of completion in The Shipp Method™ Christ-Centered Trauma Recovery Training will be issued upon submission and review by Kate of the certification packet. You will be given detailed information on this part of the program. There is a manual you will receive and additional required books for reading.  

*This program is for educational purposes only. It is not for licensure. 40 hours of CE hours are available for yoga teachers through Yoga Alliance. This would be a separate certificate issued for Trauma-Informed Yoga.

The Shipp Method™ of Christ-Centered Trauma Recovery combines the teachings of Jesus, the neuroscience of trauma, and the applications of Yoga, creating renewed life and radiant well-being.

This 7-step method helps you cultivate a space of internal safety anchored in Truth, allows for compassionate processing of past pain while giving you the empowerment to make choices that align with a life you love.

Trauma therapy is not for the faint of heart, and yet I know God has placed me in this world to walk with others through the dark until they remember they are the light. I was brought back to life in a physical sense in 1999, and brought back to life in a spiritual sense in 2016.

As someone who recovered from 30 years of Complex PTSD, I know the struggles, the pain, the suffering.

I also know God’s deliverance, his promises, and the ability to overcome and live a life of Love. I know who I am because I know whose I am.

The 7-step method is a complete process for working through traumatic energy stuck in the body/mind complex. Everything is offered through a Christ-Centered and Trauma-Informed Lens.

Healing Immersion Day with Kate​

Immerse yourself in self-care and life-giving modalities during this 5-hour day with Kate. This day will be specifically designed to support your personal needs, as you take dedicated time to submerge in healing energy. Whether you are looking for a tune-up, stuck in a funk, need more time with Kate than a one-hour session provides, or ready to dive a little deeper, this day is for you!

*You must be a current or past client to book this experience.

Investment: $1,111 for 5 hours

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