State after me, ‘I reclaim my power from _____’

How to Reclaim Your Power

While sitting at my kitchen table one afternoon, I realized how tired I was on all layers of being; physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually.

The kind of tired that a nap was not going to alleviate.

This kind of tired was soul-crying, exhausted, and depleted. I felt it coming on for a long time, maybe even years. Little by little I was being drained by something that was not yet in my conscious awareness.

Since I joke around that I have Chronic Self-Awareness Syndrome, you can imagine that I was very perplexed by this feeling.

It felt as though I was leaking energy out of my body and no matter what I did to refill, it still was not enough. Mind you, I have many practices of self-care to help me refill but none of them were working.

As I always do when faced with a situation that is unknown, I turn to my meditation practice. Certainly, I would receive at least a little nourishment from this.

Unbeknownst to me, Spirit had another plan for me during my meditation.

I sat down on my cushion, facing my altar and closed my eyes, setting my intent to receive nourishment on all levels of being and feel full once again.

As I breathed I felt a deeper presence waking up from the inside. A stirring from my solar plexus and churning from the fire below. Noting this was new but felt okay, I continued breathing.

Then it happened. The movie screen appeared and before my eyes was someone from my past that I had not thought about in years.

I heard my inner voice state, “I reclaim my power from _____”, filling in the name of this person.

What followed was an experience I can only hope to describe.

Like a PowerPoint slideshow being displayed in my mind’s eye, a new person or event would appear on the screen and I would hear myself state the reclamation of my power. Then the image would fade out and a new one would appear.

I cannot tell you how many slides went by or what they all were. All I know is the oldest slide was from when I was 3 years old and the most recent was from earlier that day.

Some of the images were very surprising and some not so much…

…a barista at starbucks, a horse from my childhood, an ex-friend that I held fond memories of, a place that was very important to me growing up, my children, my work, my husband, my phone!

It felt as if someone was unplugging me from all these people and experiences where I gave away my power. As I was unplugged, I felt my solar plexus on fire. It was being ignited and refilled with all the energy that I had unknowingly given away through the years.

The last image faded away and I heard this phrase, ‘You are now unplugged, cleared, and free of these attachments and chords. The people and places are now unplugged, cleared, and free of their attachments to you. You all can now feel more energy and at ease.’

I saw and felt white and pink light filling my body, healing and sealing this new state of purification.

Remembering a statement I was given years ago by one of my healers, I silently said, ‘I release these chords with unconditional forgiveness, unconditional compassion, and unconditional love. I ask that they be lifted up to God and dissolved into light and love. And so it is. Thank you.’

I began to deepen my breath, feeling the energy moving through my body in a new way. Opening my eyes and feeling more full than in a long time.

This process has continued over the past few weeks and I find myself able to notice where I am leaking my power, who I tend to give it away to, and what I need to do now to reclaim it, how to set a healthy boundary, and honor me.

Here is the practice. I hope it helps you too!

A meditation practice to Reclaim Your Power

First get a sheet of paper and a pen.

Find a comfortable place to sit, preferably in a quiet, calming place.

At the top of the piece of paper write this statement, “I reclaim my power from…”.

Write out as quickly as you can all the people and situations in your life where you know you gave your power away. Keep it simple and fast.

Ask for the presence of Archangel Michael and Raphael to help cut and clear all energetic chords during this meditation.

Close your eyes.

Breathe in and out through your nose. Just allow the breath to breathe normally, making no effort to control or change the breath.

Now begin to count the length of the inhalations and exhalations to 5. Inhaling for a count of 5, exhaling for a count of 5.

Feel this wavelike motion of breath rising and falling. Allow yourself to sink deeper into stillness.

Allow the breath to become slower, longer and more relaxed.

As you feel your body relaxing and your mind calming, release this technique and once again let the breath to flow naturally.

Now bring attention to the third eye, eyebrow center. See, sense or feel a white movie screen appear before you.

On this screen each person or event listed on your paper will appear one at a time. (Do not worry if you don’t remember what you wrote. Your subconscious mind will allow the images to appear as they need to.)

As they appear on the screen, state your intention filling in his/her name or the situation, “I reclaim my power from ______.”

Just like a slideshow coming and going, the images on the screen will fade in and fade out. Some may reappear if the chord to this person or event is strong. Continue to allow the images to come and go, observing and stating the intention.

Feel your solar plexus lighten and your body releasing the heaviness of this attachment.

Allow this process to continue until the screen goes white once again.

Sit and receive in stillness. Silently state this affirmation:

I release these chords with unconditional forgiveness, unconditional compassion, and unconditional love. I ask that they be lifted up to God and dissolved into light and love. And so it is. Thank you.

Begin to deepen the breath once again, coming back into full presence.

Repeat this practice anytime your feel your energy being drained or depleted.

I would love to hear how this works for you. Please share in comments.



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