I am a Lightworker

I am a Lightworker.

I work to bring more light into the world.

I guide practices and give tools to help people connect to the Divine Light that lives within their hearts.

Sometimes that means working with pretty low vibration energy.

Most people come to see me when something feels off or wrong.

Whether that be due to unaddressed fear, anger, trauma, sadness, pain ego… They are looking for ways to feel light, peace, and more love in their lives.

By using the body as the medium of opening, the breath to detoxify, dialogue as the release, and energy healing as purification, dis-ease can be shifted into light.

Intuition is heightened through the alignment of body, mind, and spirit.

A deeper connection to the Divine within is established, and love pours through all layers of being.

They are able to take these practices and tools home to continue their healing through self-love and compassion.

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