Are You Intuitive? The Voice of Your Soul, Part Two

I suggest reading Part One first, then continuing to this post.

You woke up. A new perspective was born.

It could have been a heartbreak, the death of a friend, a loved one, a pet. It may have been getting fired from your job, an illness, a moment of complete stillness.

Perhaps it was an experience of unconditional love or pure bliss.

This voice was loud but not in anger. It was vibrant but not whiny. It was clear but not coarse. It was a new tone. It was different. It was Divine.

When you heard it, something stopped.


Time. Your breath. Your heart.

It was gone in a flash yet in that instant something changed.

You felt deeply moved. Scared. Bliss. Oneness. Terrified. Isolated. Joy. Peace.

An awakening occurred. Something shifted inside that you have never experienced before. It may have felt like a punch in the gut or a stabbing in the deepest layers of the heart.

So many emotions embodied at once that to try and give it words would take away from the experience and never do it justice.

You realized that you could no longer continue living in the same way.

It was as if in that brief moment all the years of untruth and inauthentic living flashed before your eyes and you saw for the first time the clarity and beauty that exists in each instant.

You were given new eyes to see. To see the things that you have always seen but now you believe them.

You were given new ears to hear. To hear what you always heard but were told were crazy or “just hearing things”.

You were given a heightened knowing. A knowing that no one will ever be able to convince you is wrong again.

You felt emotions as raw, pure, at first uncontrolled. You knew there was no way to turn them off again and you didn’t want to anymore.

Smells became more fragrant, tastes more intense.

A new world opened up yet all the while it felt more familiar, more comfortable, more home.

All the years of external listening, validation, opinions and judgments were over.

You began to trust yourself again.

Remember the Trust Fund? Deposits started being made daily. Many times a day. You began to declutter your life.

Everything that did not honor this newly birthed part of you was tossed out, burned up and expunged.

You may still be going through this process. It is never-ending and each time it happens when you are finally ready to get really honest with yourself.

Relationships change, end, begin, shift. Old ways of behaving and concealing fade away.

The more you honor and listen to this BIG small voice inside, the more your life flows with ease and grace.

You learn there is no such thing as coincidence and become more concerned when things are not lining up and synchronistic.

You notice and become more aware of your Self. You start meditating. You begin reading and getting curious about your inner world.

You realize the interconnectedness of all beings and begin to redevelop your relationship with nature and with the world around you.

You go through a “Dark night of the Soul” or many dark nights. It can be lonely. Scary. Unsure. These continue and often come when least expected. You learn to be with them and acknowledge the gift of cleansing and healing that they bring.

Perhaps you start asking yourself these questions:

  • Is this real?
  • Am I crazy?
  • Did I just see that?
  • Was that person real or a spirit?
  • Who am I hearing and why do they keep playing that same song over and over again in my head?
  • Is that his emotion or is it mine?
  • Why am I tasting metal in my mouth and smelling old cologne?
  • Why is this happening?
  • Can I make it stop?

Dreams become more surreal and lucid. Was it a dream or did it really happen? You wake up asking these questions.

You feel tingling vibrations moving through your body and notice your hands getting hot and maybe even red.

You start seeing a beautiful white light around people and objects. You remember that you used to see this as a child.

You put the pieces together and understand why your stomach would ache when around certain people and why you could not stand to go into certain places.

You gain confidence in your ability to read a situation and tune in and listen to what is really happening, not just what is being spoken out loud.

You understand that not all things need to be tangible to be believable, and that when there is deep faith that surpasses all experiences, miracles and magic occur every single day.

Your intuition reopened and the world became a more stunning, elaborate creation of energies infused with vibrancy and confusion all at the same time.

If you seek clarity of what is going on and how to refine these gifts (that everyone is born with) yet not sure how to work with them or what they mean in your life, stay tuned for Part 3.

I will give you specific exercises to move through that can help connect to your intuition, to understand it, and how to use it to guide your daily life.

If you have questions and/or are interested in one-on-one or group learning, please email me at

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