44 Days of Forgiveness

Join me for 44 Days of Forgiveness starting November 9th, 9-11am AZ time.

Wednesday mornings from Nov 9th through December 21st, with a final one hour offering to close it out on Thursday, December 22nd 8:30am-9:30am.

It will be a group experience led through Zoom and support in a private circle on MightyNetworks. You will need to join The Shipp Method Community on MightyNetworks if you want to be a part of the support circle.

Forgiveness frees you from being held hostage to the pain of the past. Forgiveness is for you! You cannot have optimal physical health if you are hanging on to emotional baggage. In fact, I’ll suggest that many of the imbalances physically are rooted in emotional dis-ease.

Forgiveness is a practice. One of discipline, patience, and intention. It creates immense healing when done over time, and allows for deep peace and joy to return in your heart.

When I chose to start my forgiveness journey, my healing skyrocketed as my heart finally started to release the pain from the past. I used to resist forgiveness. Now it is a daily practice. I will share more during our time together.

In addition to the weekly zoom, I will be checking in a few times a week in the circle, posting, giving tips and practices.

On Wednesday mornings, I will be on zoom for two hours guiding an experience, answering questions, and holding space for process.


Wednesday mornings

November 9 thru December 21 

9:00 am – 11:00 am MST


Final closing session Thursday, December 22

8:30 am – 9:30 am MST

via Zoom


Cost: $44

Let’s create some powerful, integrated transformation that is going to create ripples of change beyond you!

This will be a 44-day journey to teach you how to walk a forgiveness journey; including practices
to help along the way, teachings from Yoga, the Bible, other secular teachings, and personal experiences on how forgiveness has and can help you heal and live a life you love.

Imagine the collective shift as forgiveness heals the heart!

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