She meets you where you are at. Then she listens to your hearts desires. Together you work at removing all the layers of "sunglasses" you have placed over your eyes to keep from seeing the truth. After that she works with spirit and you to develop a action plan to facilitate your healing. Kate is the light house to guide you home in the storm.
Working with her, I was able to release blocks and things I was holding onto in my body for many years.
Kate creates a safe environment with the perfect light to reveal your true inner self and see your true beauty. She guides you in ways to remove the shadows by lifting the curtains we've placed over ourselves (which distort our views of self by blocking our greatest assets) in such a way that we see nothing but our true selves and enjoy every moment of grace and beauty in it. I've found my inner source of peace, health, and happiness. It was within me the entire time, and I was taught over the years to fear it, when it was all I ever needed. I choose a life of faith, light, and love. I am worth it...right now. Kate opened my eyes to all the above and I'm grateful for her presence in my life.
She helped me discover my body awareness and not be afraid of it.
Thank you Kate for everything that you do. The world needs more people like you.
Her knowledge of trauma informed care is like no one I have ever met and I attribute a great part of where I today because of her.
Kate offers a safe, loving environment for her clients to help them find balance in their lives. Kate is a light worker, helping to open hearts using a variety of techniques infused with love. 💞
Kate is a gentle soul. Her wisdom is way beyond her young age. Whenever I am around her or talk to her there is a sense of peace. I always feel better after conversations.
I was able to notice things about myself that I never noticed before was able to have an awareness of thoughts, feelings and sensations within my body.
I have followed Kate since 2018 after I graduated from my YTT200 training and I'm so happy I went through it with her! Since Yoga Teaching Training, I have experienced her Yoga Nidra Classes, Spiritual Embodiment Program, Trauma Recovery Training "The Shipp Method." I have learned so much about myself over the last few years. How to be gentle, soft even when life gets heavy. Kate provides safety, love, compassion and guidance to our being human and how we show up better for others in love through this life. Reminding us all we are not alone and we are loved. Kate's programs, teachings, education, resources, insights, accountability and being human all at the same time, are profound. I honor Kate for all that she is and does for so many. I honor and respect Kate, for she has helped me move the deepest darkest parts inside my body, out and step into my own power. And now I am able to guide others in a whole other light, find their power, wholeness and that we are enough right here, right now. Kate is a Magical human and I am grateful I listened to the calls.
Heidi Horath
Kate is a mindful sage who guides her clients from darkness to light. She exists from a place of genuine love, without judgement, and with an integrity that comes from her fearlessness to address her own life experiences, in a way that propels her forward as her own guru, which in return, supports anyone fortunate enough to seek her help.
Working with Kate was truly transformational and life changing and was like nothing I have ever experienced before.
Kate is a compassionate loving soul that creates a safe, loving environment for the novice or the experienced. She is an amazing light who helps others experience happiness to its fullest.
She has a gift of establishing such a level of safety and trust so you are able to safely release uncomfortable emotions and feelings within the body and leave feeling lighter, relaxed and rejuvenated.
Kate is very knowledgeable in her field, she actively continues to hone and perfect her skill set. She is beautiful inside and out, and her support is felt from miles away. Kate exudes life and love and has great values. She appreciates everyone and everything about them, and she really listens with her whole mind, body, and soul when helping others. She is empowering and insightful. She makes it easy to be around and makes people feel safe. Kate’s laugh is cute too.
Kate’s natural intuitive abilities are amazing. My experience with Kate’s intuitive Yoga Therapy was very healing and profound. I felt completely cared for and safe, was able to tap into feelings and insights long-buried in my body, and was able to fully relax into myself. With Kate’s loving guidance, I learned about myself, released old patterns, and felt a renewed sense of peace about my soul and my life going forward. Kate has a special gift and she is a joy to work with; I highly recommend this unique and transformational healing experience.