Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy

Yoga Therapy is an effective holistic therapy for those recovering from, or living with trauma, injury, pain or illness.

Yoga Therapy blends gentle yoga postures, facilitated dialogue, breath work, yoga nidra (guided meditation) and yogic teachings to create a safe, supported environment where you will bring harmony and balance to the mind, body, heart, and spirit. Each experience is different based on your needs, concerns and intentions.

Clients Report:

  • decrease in physical and emotional discomfort
  • disappearance of physical pain
  • peace of mind and well-being
  • more flexibility and strength
  • deeper calm and content
  • ability to better manage and cope with stress, anxiety and depression
  • remembrance of Self
  • finally learning how to meditate
  • how the breath can be used at all times to alleviate fear and stress
  • more consistent and better quality of sleep
  • complete healing of shame
  • recovery from PTSD and trauma
Breath Therapy

Now Offering Breath Therapy Sessions!
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Intuitive Coaching

Intuitive Coaching

Using a combination of dialogue techniques and intuitive guidance, I tap into your energy field to help you understand the origination of why you feel stuck or stagnant, unwind the imbalance, and learn how to make forward progress towards goals and desires. 

A fully present, embodied experience, you will begin to learn and understand the profound relationship between your mind, body, and spirit.

Clients report:

  • inspired to create a more fulfilling life 
  • release of physical, mental and emotional tension
  • acceptance of Self
  • integrated awareness of body-mind-spirit
  • healing messages from passed on loved ones
  • ability to connect to passed on loved ones on their own
  • healthier relationship to loved ones and oneself
  • overall improvement in well-being
  • peacefulness
  • deeper understanding of how old patterns and limiting beliefs can be shifted into purpose 
  • complete transformation in all areas of life
  • weight loss from letting go of emotional suffering 
  • how to work with their intuitive gifts 
Energy Medicine

Energy Medicine

An energy medicine session feels like a wonderful wave of peace flowing all around and through you, clearing away all that you no longer need and filling you with beautiful, luminous light.

I will do an overall energetic intake to see where blockages are being held, talk with you about your goals and intentions for your healing, and give insights throughout the session as your energy body begins to give me information about the origination of the blockages and what it needs to balance. 

Energy Medicine is a clothes-on healing modality that uses your own life-force energy to promote health on all levels of being; physically, emotionally, mentally and spiritually.

I work with Reiki energy and Medical Intuition. 

Reiki is a simple, natural and safe method of healing. It has been recognized by the medical community as a holistic therapy to help with easing the effects of pain, stress and anxiety. It also works in conjunction with all medical or therapeutic techniques to relieve side effects and promote recovery.

Clients report many benefits including:

  • relaxation
  • reducing the effects of pain
  • decrease in stress and anxiety
  • physical relief from illness and pain
  • calm, balanced and connected to a higher source within
  • feelings of peace, security, well-being, joy and happiness
  • a deeper spiritual connection 
  • complete healing from chronic illness 
  • able to integrate healing with medical doctors for faster recovery
  • understanding of unknown illnesses and healing from the symptoms
  • knowledge about why certain patterns won’t go away and after session over, energy cleared 
Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra

Yoga Nidra is a mindful, guided meditation practice that allows the body and mind to enter into a deeply relaxed state with the intention of bringing the conscious mind into harmony with the subconscious and unconscious. While the body enters a state of sleep, the mind is guided into a place between sleep and wakefulness in order to accept positive instructions. These instructions are meant to promote mental healing through the power of unconscious visualization, pranic healing through the flow of light and energy in the body, and an increased sense of will-power and resilience.

This powerful technique has been shown to be useful in eliminating the root causes of negative thinking and stress. Through the perspective gained in Yoga Nidra, you may reduce the impact of stress-related disorders like hypertension, depression, insomnia, asthma, anxiety, chronic pain, digestive illnesses, and much more. Yoga Nidra is also shown to be highly effective in training the mind to access its natural well of creativity, problem solving, memory faculties, and learning abilities. Yoga Nidra is a highly recommended practice for those healing from PTSD, trauma, other imbalances of the nervous system, and brain injury.

Clients report:

  • relief from insomnia
  • decreased anxiety and depression symptoms
  • relief from physical pain
  • overall feeling of well-being
  • less affected by chronic tension and stress
  • more relaxed in daily life
  • deep spiritual connection
  • not triggered by past trauma
  • more joyful and happy
  • able to process emotions more easily
Yoga Classes

Kate is the lead Yoga Teacher Trainer for the Tuesday/Thursday night 
Yoga Teacher Training offered at:

Spirit of Yoga at The Southwest Institute of Healing Arts

1420 E. Southern Ave
Tempe, AZ 85281

5pm Hatha Yoga class at Spirit of Yoga • Tempe, AZ
4:15pm I AM Yoga Therapy class at Spirit of Yoga • Tempe, AZ
9am Slow Flow
10:30am Yoga Therapy class
Positively Fitt
7797 West Paradise Ln., Suite 120 • Peoria, AZ 85382

Information on a new mentoring program with Kate is coming soon ... contact Kate to be added to interest list.


Learn how to use the practices of yoga therapy to alleviate the suffering caused by anxiety.

This offering will begin with understanding how anxiety presents in the nervous system and why it appears, followed by how to allow it to move and release, ending with a 90 minute yoga therapy group class to experience the feeling of peace and balance.

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Speaking Events

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“My Reiki session with Kate was life-changing. Kate is a gifted healer with endless compassion for and awareness of her patients’ needs. I am forever grateful for the experience of working with Kate one-on-one as it brought my power to heal myself to the forefront of my yoga practice. Kate took time to be very present to my unique needs, providing an ideal, safe setting and remained focused on positive outcomes. Thank you Kate, for sharing your beautiful energy, gifts and skills with all of us!”

Angela R.


Your guidance and support while I walk on this journey has allowed me to do things and open myself up in amazing ways. I honestly don't know any of this would have been possible without you and your knowledge. I have searched for years how to be the person I am. I'm finally seeing her! I know there's still work to do and always will be but I can't thank you enough!! You ARE amazing and beyond appreciated! A true blessing in my life, in this journey to finding me and healing myself. Your truth, light and love radiates! Thank You Kate! 

Nicki C.


Kate Shipp’s Intuitive Yoga Therapy has changed my life.

Her energy work relieved my physical as well as my emotional pain.  She taught me that my energy (or vibration) and the space I hold for myself and others is a place where I may choose love, light and harmony in any situation and when I do, my heart can feel it and my actions reveal it.

Kate’s intuitive awareness has surprised me and brought me joy.  I have learned some of the history of my soul’s journey and also discovered higher spirit realms that watch over me, protect me, heal me and guide me in my daily life. It’s most comforting.

If you are looking for private sessions in yoga, Reiki, or to explore your intuitive self you won’t be disappointed. Kate is a beautiful, wise and intuitive loving soul and I am honored that she has crossed my path in the journey to find my true authentic self.



"Kate is a gifted teacher and my trust in her guidance has led me to expand my practice by attending a restorative class that she also guides. I am only beginning to see the positive impact that yoga can have on me personally and how those intentions have a positive impact on the people around me. I look forward to the experiences of looking within and seeking a better physical and spiritual self. And I am truly grateful for the guidance and support that Kate has provided me."


"Since YTT 200 I have followed Kate. Her wisdom and grace has always been within me but better each time I do take a course I'm a little more equipped to share light with others. Kate, I'll forever follow your guiding light while I am my own. I allow myself space to be able to do the work that you have also done. To Become Thank you for all you do wise one."