What Is The Regenerate Method™?

The Regenerate Method™ 
Christ-Centered Trauma Recovery Level 1 Training.

The Regenerate Method™ is a Christ-Centered Trauma Recovery process that combines the teachings of Jesus, with the neuroscience of trauma, and the applications of Yoga, creating renewed life and radiant well-being.

This 7-step method helps you cultivate a space of internal safety anchored in Truth, and allows for compassionate processing of past pain while giving you the empowerment to make choices that align with a life you love.

You were not born a sinner.

You were born in the image of God, perfectly designed by the ultimate creator in Love.

You have always been whole.

You have always been worthy.

You have always been enough.

You have always been loved.

You are love.

The identities you assumed to survive the pain you endured was brilliant and profound. It was necessary. Each with their own intelligence to cope through the fear of the deep feelings inside. Each an act of heroism to be your own warrior with the tools you knew at that time. You have survived every thing that has ever happened to you up to this moment. Even when those haunting memories creep in, you are here, right now. You overcame terrible hardship and trauma; your nervous system doing exactly what it needed to do to help you live. How brave of your spirit to protect your soul in such a compassionate way! How powerful the Light of Love is within you! This fear-based living is no longer needed. You are allowed to shed that identity now to reveal your radiant Truth. The Way is in the Heart. The Spiritual Eye of the Heart opens through seeing the other through love. This is the Eye of the Christ. This is the eye that allows you to understand the importance of being human and the desire of the heart to fulfill its purpose here, which is to Love, to Be Love. The direct experience of Christ is far more powerful than any scripture you read or any sermon you hear. This Love lives alive in you and is constantly seeking you. This Love uses the pain of the past to help you embrace your humanity with compassion and love. It allows you to see the other in grace and mercy. An experience of this Love reprograms your nervous system and creates new pathways for empowered living. This Love is vast and deep. This Love is indestructible and undeniable. This Love is beyond understanding. This Love is Truth. Trust in the Knowing of Love. This is The Way of Remembered Wholeness. This is The Way of Love. This is Christ-Centered Trauma Recovery.

This is The Regenerate Method™.

For the past 9 years I have been asked to create a training to teach people how to do what I do in helping people overcome their painful pasts and create a life they love. I wasn't sure how to do that at first, and spent a lot of time contemplating what that would look like and feel like.

I was given my answer after going through my own dark night of the soul 4 years ago, and getting clear on how I am called by God to help people. I have spent the past 4 years refining a process I created and ready to bring it to life for all to learn.

Trauma therapy is not for the faint of heart, and yet I know God has placed me in this world to walk with others through the dark until they remember they are the light. I was brought back to life in a physical sense in 1999, and brought back to life in a spiritual sense in 2016.

This process I created, The Regenerate Method™, is one I have used on many clients, and myself, to mend the bridge between body and mind, heart and soul. It is process I was guided to create by the power of the Holy Spirit living through me.
I wanted to create a process that honored our humanity and our spirituality. I wanted to create a process that was simple, yet transformative. I wanted to create a process that was easily accessible for all, and did not have cause for re-experiencing the traumatic events. I wanted to create a process that rescues the fragmented pieces of our past and returns them to remembered wholeness.

The Regenerate Method™ is embodied. The Regenerate Method™ is spiritual.

The Regenerate Method™ is based in neuroscience, yoga philosophy and practices, and anchored in Christ’s teachings.

The Regenerate Method™ is a process filled with compassion and love.

The Regenerate Method™ is a present-moment experience, using somatic journeying to rescue the parts of you left behind in the past, stuck in the story, and invites that part of you home into your heart. 

The Regenerate Method™ works.

I was blessed to have a well-known scientist experience The Regenerate Method™, and confirmed for me that this process helps to rewire the nervous system and change the DNA to renewed life.

The Regenerate Method™ is a process of epigenetics and grounded in truth!!

The Regenerate Method™ is a process you can learn to do for yourself.

The Regenerate Method™is a process that if you are a yoga teacher, yoga therapist, life coach, Reiki practitioner, massage therapist, body worker of any kind, mental health counselor, spiritual guide, you can learn this process and offer it to your clients.

These first 100 hours will prepare you to use these practices in your own recovery and wellness, and with others in your holistic practice.

This 7-step process can be done in one session for those who have already done some deep recovery work, or for some, the 7-steps are broken down to allow for as much time as needed for optimal healing and integration. During this training you will learn all of the 7 steps, how to facilitate them, how to move from step-to-step, how to know when to pause, when to allow for space, when to move forward, and how to integrate it all. It is a complete process, and a safe process.

Here is one testimonial to this process:
"AMAZING!! I have done a lot of training around this topic, but your workshop blew my mind!! The way you connected Yoga, recovery and Jesus was phenomenal, it just made sense!!! I continue to work on my own healing so that I may be a conduit for healing, and today as I laid on my bed during the experience, I cried and chains broke off!! The phrase, Remind me who I am... kept coming to mind!!" - Christine


The next training will start in October 2021, make sure you email to be put on the interested list.

Pricing for 2022: $3300

If you need a payment plan, please email me and we can discuss options.

Jeremiah 29:11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.

"May you always follow the light that is in your heart, and let it guide you home."

~ Kate Shipp